Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementias -Stage Charts

Stage charts that depict the declining stages of Dementia have been around for the last twenty years. Many vary.

Some describe the disease decline in three stages plus hospice, or some use a five stage, seven stage or even a nine stage chart. The one I wrote years ago in graduate school was four stages yet covered the same decline as the seven stages. At the time, the three stages plus hospice was easier to understand for families.

With more stages now identified, we can see how the very slow decline can be.

With older adults with Alzheimers, who do not have frontal lobe dementia or levy body dementia, the decline is so much faster. The longer stage charts seem to be very accurate in regard to “typical dementia” when the older adult is over age 80 and has been diagnosed with dementia or Alzheimer’s  disease.

I encourage caregivers to investigate and research various stage charts! It will not only increase your knowledge of the disease, it may better describe what your loved one is going through and help you understand the complexities of this disease!

Seven Stages of Dementia

Jacqueline Dupont Carlson
Executive Director and Founder of
Vista Gardens, Irvine Cottages and Assured in Home Care, Inc.

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