Alzheimer’s Disease and other Dementias -Stage Charts

Alzheimers Disease, Stage Chart, Dr. Jacqueline Dupont

Stage charts that depict the declining stages of Dementia have been around for the last twenty years. Many vary. Some describe the disease decline in three stages plus hospice, or some use a five stage, seven stage or even a nine stage chart. The one I wrote years ago in graduate school was four stages […] Read more »

Residential Care Red Flag

Dr. Jacqueleine Dupont, Memory Care. Red Flags, Assisted Living

Red flags are quite different from “what to look for” while touring an assisted living, memory care or board and care. They are a “things” not to miss! POTENTIAL RED FLAGS 1. If most of the residents are seated in wheel chairs. – Excellent standard of care is to (if safe) transfer the residents often to […] Read more »