Cottage Features

Every Irvine Cottage is designed to be a safe and pleasant environment for our residents. Safety is always considered first! And decor and amenities are implemented throughout the residence to aid seniors who need various degrees of memory care.

Some of these special features are:


  • Security system
  • 24 hour camera recording
  • Camera monitoring
  • Bright parabolic lighting
  • Each home is close to a park
  • Bidet toilets to prevent U.T.I’s and infections (dip stick prevention program)
  • Living air machines in most homes
  • Locked garages (keypad)
  • External door exits from rooms
  • Fire safety training / fire sprinklers
  • Personal/fall safety alarm
  • Natural Lighting (skylights and extra windows)


  • Muted colors
  • Contrasted doors
  • Non-glare glass on pictures
  • Aroma diffuser
  • Walking path at park
  • Memory boards
  • Wood padded floors
  • “Memory” placemats
  • Bathroom wall cues
  • Large mirrors removed
  • Beautiful calming art murals
  • Massage chairs