Healthy Meals and Snacks

Older adults throughout their lives have enjoyed home-cooked meals. We will continue serving them “family style” home-cooked meals just like they are used to.  Our menu varies weekly, and contains healthy selections at every meal and snack time. Any special dietary requests will be honored.

Lisa Gibson, our Nutritionist, oversees the menu plan and nutritional needs of our residents.  She has been working in the field of nutrition for over 20 years, and the majority of her career has been spent serving the senior population.

Our emphasis on socialization for our residents continues at the kitchen table during meals.  The Custom Memory Placemats are perfect for sparking conversations amongst the residents, and talking about happy times in their lives.

Download our Beverage menu.
Download our Cafe menu. (Cafe menu is always available for our residents, if they prefer one of these choices.)


Breakfast 7:30 AM – Hot Apple Sauce, Buckwheat Pancakes,
Maple Syrup, Pork Sausages

Snack 10:30 AM- Cottage Cheese and Melon Balls

Lunch 12:30 PM- Tomato Soup, Turkey Salad Sandwich,
Carrot Curls, Rice Pudding

Snack 3:00 PM – Granola Bar
Assorted Juices

Dinner 5:30 PM- Chicken Soup, Lamb Chops, Zucchini,
Baked Potato, Cheese Cake

Snack 8:00 PM- Hot Cocoa and Butter Cookies

Breakfast 7:30 AM- Sliced Peaches, Assorted Cold Cereals,
Hot Biscuit, Butter

Snack 10:30 AM- Buttered Nut Bread
Mild / Coffee

Lunch 12:30 PM- Fish & Veg. Stew, Corn Muffin,
Lemon Pie

Snack 3:00 PM- Cinnamon Baked Apple

Dinner 5:30 PM- Tuna/Noodle Casserole w/Cheese,
Green Salad, French Bread, Raisin Cookies

Snack 8:00 PM- Rainbow Sherbet and Tea Cookies

Breakfast 7:30 AM- Grapefruit Half, Omelet w/Chese,
Apple Danish

Snack 10:30 AM- Fruit Cocktail and Plain Yogurt

Lunch 12:30 PM- Vegetable Soup,
Tuna Stuffed Tomato Croissant, Vanilla Pudding

Snack 3:00 PM- Chese Quesadilla
Salsa & Sour Cream

Dinner 5:30 PM- Snapper Veracruz, Rice Pilaf,
Steamed Broccoli, Hot Roll, Ice Cream

Snack 8:00 PM- Popcorn and Fruited Tea