While each Cottage may look slightly different on the outside due to their decor, one thing that remains constant throughout all of our homes are the daily opportunities for your loved ones to socialize, keep busy and have fun through our many memory care programs and activities. Each Cottage selects therapeutic activities in direct relationship to the individual residents’ continuing strengths, abilities and interests.

In everything we do one question is always on our minds,  “How do we make life comfortable, safe and enjoyable for those whose care has been entrusted to us?”

Family Communication – The Key to The Cottages!

Kimberly Walters, our Director of Resident & Family Services, is always there to help you with her valuable advice. From giving tours to making phone calls for a smooth transition, you can always count on her to lend a helping hand or simply listen to you! All concerns in regards to care or family dynamics are voiced to Kim.

Why is Kim so good at this? She has over 11 years of experience in senior and senior memory care. She also hosts the Irvine Cottages Care and Concern meetings, please call her to attend. Her experience and kindness make her an excellent communicator with families and residents. Feel free to give her a call: (949) 394-5678.

Smooth Transitions

Our caregiving staff is well-trained and experienced in making new residents feel welcome and at home.  For a better transition and adjustment, we may suggest hiring a one-on-one caregiver for your loved one for the first three nights. We also prepare their room with fresh paint with a preference for your loved one’s favorite color or decor.  A flat screen TV cable hookup is included, but we encourage all residents to participate in the daily programs. Every month you will receive a detailed Care Plan Report from our staff.

Pet Therapy

The Cottages place a special emphasis on pets and their calming benefits. Both small lap dogs or large dogs work wonders with our residents. All residents are encouraged to bring their special loved ones to the Cottages to live or visit. We allow: birds, cats, dogs and even bunnies. Some of our Cottages already have house pets such as dogs or cats. Although due to allergies some homes will not have pets and just have visiting cats and dogs.


Other Programs that Distinguish Our Residential Memory Care

  • Comprehensive Medical/Geriatric Evaluation performed prior to admission and on-going
  • Care Plan Report sent to families every month
  • Activities, Activities, Activities!
  • Full Time Psychiatric Nurse
  • Medical well-checks and pharmacy audits
  • Vitamin/Natural products assessment
  • Hospice Contract
  • In-House Laboratory and Chest X-Ray
  • Three levels of Alzheimer’s care (Mild, Middle, Late Stages)
  • Full time Nurse/Administrator
  • Wheelchair Van Transportation
  • Educational Quarterly Newsletter
  • Support Group for Families
  • Dipstick Urinary Tract Infection Prevention Program
  • Only Camera Monitoring Program in the U.S.
  • All of our staff are trained by Hospice and Home Health Companies
  • Full Time Medical Directors: Geriatric Psychiatrist, MD, Geriatric Internist, MD


Caroline Campbell, Harp Therapist, is one part of our comprehensive Music Therapy Program

Caroline Campbell, Harp Therapist, is one part of our comprehensive Music Therapy Program