The 3 D’s

Many years ago at USC,  Dr. Bob Knight, a famous psychologist in the field of Gerontology, taught all of us young soon-to-be gerontologists the difference between the three D’s and influenced us all to advocate for knowing the difference, as well as informing physicians of the difference. Our doctors today are much busier than ever and carry many additional burdens. While assessing an older adult they may miss symptoms or issues… that is why all advocates, caregivers, DPOA’s need to advocate for their loved ones and know the difference between the three D’s:

While meeting with your physician or even exploring new abnormal behaviors your loved one is experiencing ask:
Is this dementia?
Is this delirium (from infection, pain or even constipation)
Or is this Depression? (depression can impair memory)

Being an advocate not only takes love and compassion, it takes a little more investigative work! Thank You Dr. Knight for educating us!

Jacqueline DuPont
Founder & CEO at Irvine Cottages

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